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We noticed that during heavy rain a lot of water gushed over the edges of the existing guttering and was lost so in 2015 We   replaced most sections with Deep Flow Guttering so that we could collect a lot more.

Deep Flow ( high capacity) Guttering is a similar width to standard guttering and uses the same size downpipe so fitting was simple-we took advantage of scaffolding being up for exterior painting.

Cost approx. £35.70 + VAT for 18 M

Deep flow Fascia Brackets  £0.91 + VAT each


It's shape is semi-elliptical giving it a stronger profile (so less prone to sag) and a greater depth of 75mm compared to half-round which is 52mm.  This gives it approximately twice the capacity.

It also makes it more robust so won’t need clearing or replacing as often.

The increased capacity reduces the need for downpipes also.


We also installed a  pipe through the extension roof to connect the south facing roofs guttering  with the flat roof at the back. This enabled us to route all water collected from the south side to the rainwater tanks .





POOL HALL LIGHTING (or any large room)


The pool hall and changing room area is approx. 12m x9m and requires lighting for 12 hours a day mon-sat.

In 2014 we replaced existing fluorescent tubes with LED panels.

The 10 panels cost approx.    £80 + VAT   each. ( cheaper now)

As this is a relatively new technology we do not know how often they might need replacing. So far 2 have

The pool and changing room areas require a lighting level of 60,000 Lumens.

The Lights are on for 4,400 hours each year.  Assuming electricity costs 10 pence per Kw/Hour.

Standard light bulbs cost £1,760 per year.

Flourescent tubes cost £528 per year.

LED Panels cost £352 per year.




Summer 2016 we extended the watershed and  installed 2 more rainwater tanks to accommodate our increased collection capability.

We modified the shed panels adding handles so they could be easily removed for access.






By installing a Raspberry-Pi webserver ,we developed a system with ultrasonic sensors  to measure water levels in the rainwater and greywater tanks .This can be accessed anywhere via the internet  and helps us monitor water usage and collection.

This is visualized on  the touch screen computer in the hallway.