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Body Psychotherapy

About Amy

Amy Hamdoon is in the clinical phase of her training at Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre. She is a member of the Association of Biodynamic Massage Therapists and is a UKCP candidate in training, and adheres to their code of ethics.


Amy is happy to be offering, depth Psychotherapy at Henry House.


Amy draws on her extensive training in body-oriented therapies, mindfulness, non-verbal communication, humanistic psychotherapy and attachment theory.


Intrinsic to her practice is her humanistic philosophy, that the capacity to find ways of resolving any difficulties resides within an individual. Her work helps people to come in touch with the innate capacity to self heal, and the individual’s limitless potential to live fully and authentically as their whole, essential self.


Amy also teaches children with confidence issues and social difficulties, and is a trained doula.


What is Body Psychotherapy?

My Psychotherapy sessions offer a confidential environment in which you can explore your feelings, relationships, habits and stuck patterns, with a view to gain a deeper insight into your difficulties, improve your relationships and personal problems and give you more choice about how to live your life.


Sessions are suitable for anyone experiencing stress, (which can be experienced as irritability, weepiness, aches, pains, insomnia, exhaustion, and a lack of interest in life), anxiety, depression, or for anyone who feels overwhelmed by strong emotion, unable to cope with difficult life changes, unable to express themselves directly to others, or for those who feel stuck in a lifestyle that no longer works for them.


Every trauma, shock, difficulty in life, every unexpressed joy is embodied. These experiences manifest as aches and pains, tight or slack muscle, shallow breathing, inability to relax and sleep, low or high arousal levels, feeling hot or cold, disturbed thinking, inability to concentrate or make decisions, and lack of vitality. When these phenomena persist for a long time they develop into more or less fixed states, and illness and general malaise become habitual and normalised. Most of us barely know what it could feel like to be really well and certainly have little idea of how to go about feeling more alive.


Good resolutions and will power have only minimal impact on the body. In body psychotherapy I work with you to discover the meaning of unskilful patterns of behaviour, how it is that relationships are maintained which are not satisfying, and the meaning of the messages that the body is communicating. Gradually a story unfolds about what makes for greater or lesser well being. Perhaps protective ways of being developed for survival in past circumstances are no longer necessary and are self defeating. As awareness of oneself develops, it becomes possible to be more in touch with what is healthy in terms of behaviour and lifestyle. And so as you’re more in tune with yourself, there is more connection with the wider world.


What Happens in a Body Psychotherapy Session?

Body psychotherapy respects the innate wisdom of each person, even when you don't believe it yourself. It is a compassionate form of psychotherapy in which you will be encouraged to get to know yourself in your own time and way. Your wishes will always be respected and we will explore ways of using the sessions jointly. Different people need different kinds of support to listen to their body. That is why Body Psychotherapy is a talking therapy that can also include working with movement, posture, breathing, imagery and massage. These activities are vehicles for self exploration and will arise out of your psychotherapy process.


How Do I Know If Body Psychotherapy Is For Me?

The first step is to telephone or e-mail for an initial consultation. Sessions last for one hour and cost £43.00. The initial consultation includes information gathering where I will take notes. You will be asked to talk about yourself, your hopes and expectations, your struggles and strengths. It is also an opportunity to ask about body psychotherapy. After your initial consultation you will be offered an initial series of 6 sessions for us to get to know each other and how we might work together. On the fifth session there will be a review of what has happened and consideration of the possibility of continuing for a longer period of time.


Appointments are at the same time each week.

Please note I require 24 hours notice of cancellation. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged for at the normal fee.


For more information or to make an appointment call 07878215016 or email


or visit my website