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FAQ's for  Children's Lessons

What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring a swimming costume or trunks/shorts for your child and a towel. It’s useful if they can wear their costume under clothing to make changing faster! Most children swim with goggles but they are not essential, we do sell them in reception. If possible please assist your children to put on their goggles before the lesson and encourage them to leave them in place so no time is wasted taking them on and off! We don’t insist on swimming hats but we would ask that you please tie back any long hair. Please encourage your child to use the toilet before getting into the pool but if you need to take them to the toilet during please inform the teacher to make sure they are aware.


Where do I park?

We don’t have a carpark but we are located in a residential area with no parking restrictions on the roads around. If you are driving please allow a few minutes to find a space. Disabled badge holders can park on the yellow lines nearby. We have 2 parking spaces on site but these are reserved for our severely disabled customers.


My child is a complete beginner, how can I prepare them for lessons?

Water confidence is very important so please encourage your child to relax and enjoy bath-time at home. One of the most useful things you can do at home is to support your child in putting their face down into the water and blowing bubbles, it will help them get them into the right body position for swimming as well as helping them to learn when to breathe!


What happens if I miss a lesson? 

When you book our classes you are paying for a block of lessons in advance. We have a strict limit of 5 children in a class and our classes are generally full so we are unable to slot children into different classes even just as a one off. Of course there are occasionally exceptional circumstances but as a general rule we are not able to refund or partially refund classes due to illness or holidays as we are unable to then sell this space to another customer. If you need to take time out of lessons then you will need to reapply online to go onto our waiting list.


How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child is different and the length of time it can take will vary depending on the child’s confidence and ability to listen and follow instructions. Generally speaking the earlier your child starts lessons the better, and if they can start as babies you can expect them to be swimming unaided by 3 to 4 years old. However you will need to wait until they are a lot older in order for them to swim safely unsupervised. Different strokes and good technique can take many years to master. Remember, learning to swim is an important life skill and a long term commitment. If you would like to give your child learning to swim a boost before regular weekly lessons please see our page on intensive courses.


My child is very nervous, has additional needs or a medical condition, can they swim with you?

We make every effort for our classes to be inclusive. The teacher is in the water with your child and they are small classes with a maximum of 5 pupils so this greatly improves the teachers ability to communicate and give individual attention to your child. It’s important that you give as much information about your child on the booking form as possible so that we can put your child into the best group we can. The child’s swimming teacher will often ring parents to ask for more information and can give you guidance on the best way to support and encourage your child. If your child has been diagnosed or is being tested for autism please see the following link for more guidance………..


Will I always have the same teacher?

Our teachers only teach in the school term time so you should expect to have the same teacher every week. However occasionally there may be situations such as sickness where this is not possible. If this happens we would make every effort to provide an alternative teacher. This teacher will also work for Henry House and will have the same access to the information and ability of your child that your usual teacher would. In the extremely unlikely event that we are unable to cover the class we would reschedule the lesson, most likely into the school holidays so that no one misses out.


How long is your waiting list for lessons?

This depends on how flexible you are able to be with the time and day that you can bring them. Generally everyone will be offered a space within one term, but for example if you can only come at 10am on a Saturday morning your wait could be a bit longer as you may be waiting for an existing customer to drop out! When we offer spaces you need to be aware that it is important that you confirm by making a payment as soon as possible, we are unable to reserve places and will offer them to other customers until they are paid for.


How do I pay for the classes?

We are currently unable to accept online payments however you are welcome to make payment with your card over the phone or in person at our reception. You can also pay with cash but we don’t  accept cheques.


How do I renew for the following course?

If you wish to continue with lessons for your child onto the following half term we will ask you to pay by the final lesson of the current course. Look out for posters in reception and please ensure you have supplied your email address for reminders and information about renewing. Please also like our facebook page so that you can stay informed. Once you are attending lessons priority will be given to you to rebook for the following course but remember we are very strict with our deadline. If you haven’t renewed by the last lesson your child’s place will be assigned to a child from the waiting list. There are no exceptions to this.


Do I need to get in the pool with my child?

No, from the age of around 3 and a half to 4 years children go in their lessons without the parents. There may of course be some exceptions to this so you will need to consider whether your child is able to listen and understand basic instructions and rules on safety. They will need to understand about taking turns and waiting safely and it is useful if they are able to communicate with the teacher. Remember the teacher is in the water so your child will be safe. Please discuss any concerns with the swimming coordinator or your child’s teacher.


Can I watch the lesson?

Yes of course. There are a couple of options, firstly you can sit right beside the water, very close to your child. If you do want to go poolside you will need to remove your outdoor shoes. There is a strict limit of one spectator per child poolside as there is limited space. Please also be as quiet as possible and try not to interupt or distract the teacher. You may prefer to sit in our verandah area behind glass but you can still see your child swimming or you can wait in our comfortable reception area where there are drinks and snacks available to purchase. Often children respond, concentrate and listen to teachers better when their parents are out of sight but this of course is up to you. Occasionally we may recommend that you wait out of sight in reception if we feel that this will benefit your child, please be guided by the teacher if they approach you with this suggestion. Please note children must not be left unattended in reception and there is strictly no photography allowed.


Where will my child get changed?

We have individual changing cubicles and a shower. Please use these for changing your children. We are open to the public so we cannot allow children to get changed in the reception or verandah areas. Parents are requested to supervise their children while changing. Please ask at reception if you would like to see our safeguarding policy. We have two toilets but we do request that you encourage your child to use the toilet before their lesson starts. The toilet in the verandah area is not available for use during swimming lessons.