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Prepare for Shoot



Getting ready for your shoot- The team want to help make this a really positive experience for you and your baby so-


1 -  We will need  6 - 8 brief submersions - your baby should be comfortable with this


2 - It is vital that your baby has followed a swim program which includes submersion techniques. We recommend you practice regularly before the shoot. Its also vital that you attend the group practise session and its preferable that the adult that normally attends swimming lessons with baby also attend the practise and shoot itself.


3 - Russell - Our experienced teacher and baby handler - will perform the submersions and help your baby be relaxed in the water.


4 - Please allow plenty of time before your shoot to get changed and relax - and don’t forget not to feed your baby for at least 1 hour to reduce the risk of vomiting, posseting and worse!


5 - If you want to be in the shots with your baby we recommend you practice without goggles, remove contact lenses and leave hair loose. Try to avoid blowing bubbles and have your eyes open looking at your child for preference. You will be assisted with this at the group practise. We may also consider including siblings in the shoot but you will need to inform us of this beforehand and there will be an additional fee. The siblings will also need to attend the practise.




When booking a shoot you understand and accept that your baby must have completed a baby swimming training program which ensures that your child has sufficient respiratory strength to perform 6-8 short submersions (under 6 months 4) and is comfortable in the water. Bubblepix reserves the right to terminate a session if a child is distressed or considered unfit to complete the session. The payment for the underwater shoot is not refundable or transferable.

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