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Matthew Woods M.R.S.S


Matthew graduated from the Shiatsu College three year professional training course in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine. This included study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western anatomy, physiology and pathology. Matthew is also a Registered Practitioner with the Shiatsu Society (M.R.S.S). Since graduating Matthew has pursued an interest in Sei Ki, a less structured form of energy work that has developed from Shiatsu.

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Shiatsu is:

Shiatsu is a unique form of bodywork from Japan that developed out of the meeting of traditional Chinese medicine and ancient Japanese massage. It has also incorporated an understanding of the Western medical model into its theory. The word "Shiatsu" literally means "finger pressure" although in practice thumbs, hands and elbows may be used to harmonise the flow of Qi (or vital energy) around the body. It is similar to acupuncture in that it is applied to the energetic pathways or meridians that run throughout the body. In addition to these techniques gentile stretches and rotations are employed to encourage the flow of Qi in the body. The aim of Shiatsu is to reharmonise this flow of Qi to tonify it where it is lacking, to disperse it where it is too full and generally to encourage its natural movement. These imbalances may be caused by many factors such as emotional, dietary and environmental.

Shiatsu can treat:

By Addressing the underlying imbalances of Qi changes can occur in the functioning of mind and body. In this way Shiatsu can be used to treat a wide range of condidtions: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be effective in relieving both chronic and minor acute conditions, particularly:


Muscular-skeletal problems such as chronic stiffness or pain in the back or neck


Anxiety and depression

Headaches and migraine

Digestive disorders

Respiratory conditions such as bronchitis or asthma

Menstrual disorders

It is also a therapy for those that are well and can be used for relaxation or as preventative medicine. It is a deeply relaxing and refreshing experience.

The first treatment

The first treatment usually lasts about an hour and a quarter. Before the treatment details are taken down of the clients condition. This includes symptoms, lifestyle and any medication taken. A health history is also taken to assist the process.


Diagnosis is made on the basis of the information given and through palpation and visual observation.


The treatment takes place at floor level on a padded surface (usually a futon) with the client fully clothed. After the initial treatment subsequent treatments take about 1hr as only a briefer update of symptoms is required.


It is best to wear loose fitting trousers and a long-sleeved top for the treatment. In addition prior to treatment it is better not to eat a heavy meal, drink alcohol or take a long hot bath.


Details of any medical diagnosis and medication being taken should also be brought.

Concessions by arrangement.


To make an appointment call Matthew on 01903 232875

Matt Woods