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Benefits of Swimming with Baby

There are many benefits of baby swimming and there’s now no need to wait until babies have had their vaccinations. Babies can start swimming from birth in our special baby hour sessions which are designed to be peaceful and relaxing as well as a great introduction to the pool before lessons start.


We have our very own hot pool which is the perfect temperature for babies and our eco-friendly salt water sanitiser means the water is also super soft and kind to babies’ sensitive skin. Don’t forget, you can even get your baby prepared for swimming before you go to the pool by using bath time at home to get your baby used to the feeling of being immersed in water and the splashing of the water.


We recommend that swimming lessons can then start from around three months, once baby is aware of their surroundings and can support their heads a little. In lessons babies will start to learn essential safety skills, floating, turning and propelling themselves along as well as how to go under the water too if it’s something you’d like to try! All of this while enjoying lots of singing, games and playing with our toys.


Here’s a list of some of the key benefits of baby swimming.


Swimming is one of the best loved family activities and a really important life skill. Baby swimming starts building water confidence and safety knowledge early.


Swimming helps to improve coordination and balance. Because much of your baby’s body is supported by water, the main focus for them is on maintaining balance. On the whole, babies who swim have a much better balance out of the pool.


Swimming helps to build muscles. Working and strengthening all of their muscles effectively helps to make them stronger.


Swimming provides quality bonding time. We sometimes have less time than we would like with our children, it is an unfortunate effect of being so busy. Time in the pool is one of the few times when your child has your undivided attention.  


Swimming can improve babies sleeping pattern. While it isn’t going to make them sleep through the night every night, the extra exercise will help to make your baby sleepier.


Swimming can improve a baby’s appetite. Gentle exercise and warm water helps to make a baby hungry.


If you would like to book for baby hour please see our pool timetable and call our reception to book on 01903 232875.


To book a course of baby swimming lessons please complete the online booking form using the menu to the left 

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