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How long will it take for my child to learn to swim?

Every child is different and the length of time it can take will vary depending on the child’s confidence and ability to listen and follow instructions. Generally speaking the earlier your child starts lessons the better, and if they can start as babies you can expect them to be swimming unaided by 4 years old. However you will need to wait until they are a lot older in order for them to swim safely unsupervised. Different strokes and good technique can take many years to master. Remember, learning to swim is an important life skill and a long term commitment.


My child is very nervous, has additional needs or a medical condition, can they swim with you?

All of our classes are inclusive and we welcome everyone at Henry House. The teacher is in the water with your child in very small groups. This greatly improves the teachers ability to communicate and give individual attention to each child. It’s important that you give as much information about your child on the booking form as possible so that we can put your child into the best group we can.


How long is your waiting list for lessons or Open Sessions?

This depends on how flexible you are able to be with the time and day that you can come. We always aim to find a space for yourself or your child within a few weeks of applying.

Adults looking for an Open Session can usually find a slot within a week or so, again the more flexible you are, the easier it will be


How do I renew for the following course?

If you wish to continue with lessons for yourself or your child into the following half term we will ask you to pay towards the end of the current course. Look out for posters in reception and please ensure you have supplied your email address for reminders and information about renewing. Please also like our Facebook/Instagram page to stay informed.


Do I need to get in the pool with my child?

Up until a child is around 3 to 4 years old, they will need an adult to accompany them in the pool. Then the children are in the water unaccompanied. There may be some exceptions to this so you will need to consider whether your child is able to listen and understand basic instructions and rules on safety.

Remember the teacher is in the water so your child will be safe. If you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to ask either a teacher or a member of staff. We are always here to help,


Can I watch the lesson?

Yes, one adult per child can sit poolside to spectate. We do ask parents/carers to be quiet whilst lessons are running and please no mobile phones by the pool.

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