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Do you or  your child love to swim but suffer from eczema? or maybe asthma or red eye? All these common conditions can be aggravated by the chlorine or bromine used in most swimming pools. But not with our Ecosanitiser!


Of course the water must be treated and filtered  to prevent infections spreading and a well run pool will monitor disinfectant, Ph, calcium, total dissolved solids and alkalinity to ensure maximum bather comfort and safety. Plus sending water samples away for independent bacteriological testing is a must. It’s worth asking to see records if you have concerns.


Modern parents and carers will want to know as much as possible about the health benefits and risks of swimming especially when taking very young babies into a public pool. NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines say that babies are safe to swim from birth provided that the pool water is carefully managed and tested.


Because we have so many  vulnerable people (babies, children, elderly and disabled) using our hot pool, we are relentless when it comes to water safety.


Here at Henry House we always check the pool water every 2 hours. We are also independently sampled and  monitored by Worthing and Adur  Environmental Health Department and are proud of our outstanding test record.


Traditional systems whilst safe in terms of infection are not always kind to skin, eyes and lungs especially in those vulnerable groups where eczema, asthma and eye sensitivity are more common.


We have replaced our old system with an Ecosanitiser and the results have been outstanding. The pool has a very weak solution of special grade salt (about 1/10th the concentration of tears) which the unit ionises .This works very effectively to get rid of any bugs but leaves the water feeling silky smooth as there are no nasty chemicals that can cause irritation.


It’s so much more skin and eye friendly plus there’s no chlorine haze just above the surface to aggravate asthma-so common in other pools.


We’ve had calls from parents asking what we use as their childrens’  eczema has dramatically improved.


It’s much better for the environment too, so we and our customers really are green not red!

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