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Baby Hour

We have a dedicated baby hour every day Monday to Friday where you can bring your baby to enjoy the warm relaxing pool, with use of some of our toys and equipment. These sessions are available to babies from birth to 3 years old. Dads, grandparents, aunts etc are all welcome at a cost of £11.50 per adult, baby is free.

We’ve replaced our old water treatment system with a skin and eye friendly salt

water Ecosanitiser and the results have been outstanding so it is ideal for babies. The temperature of the water is kept at a constant 95f, 35c so it is much warmer than other pools. There’s no chlorine haze just above the surface to aggravate asthma either so it’s the perfect place for babies first swim.


The times for these sessions are as follows:


Monday at 10am

Tuesday 1pm

Wednesday 2pm

Thursday 11am

Friday 12pm.


The sessions are £11.50 per adult,  to book into a slot just call reception on 01903 232875.  We currently limit the numbers to a maximum of 8 adults in the pool. The booking is for 1 hour and this includes your changing time before and after the swim so you will need to be ready to vacate the pool area by the end of the hour. You will need to bring towels for yourself and baby as well as a changing mat (although we do have changing tables). We operate a double nappy policy so you will need a disposable swimming nappy and a Happy Nappy (neoprene trunks that completely enclose the disposable) both of which are available to buy at Henry House as well as online and from other retailers. We do reserve the right to refuse entry to inappropriately dressed babies as hygiene is very important to us! Please also remember not to feed your baby for at least 1 hour before they use the pool as this reduces the risk of posseting, vomiting or other accidents in the pool. For the full Essential Baby Swimming Information please click bellow

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