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The pool is available for disability and leisure use and can be booked by individuals (£11.50 for an open session) or privately for an hour (£55.) by families or other groups. For Covid safe swimming we currently limit the number of people in each session to 7 to ensure a peaceful atmosphere so you will need to book into a slot by calling reception on 01903 232875. Please see our timetable for available sessions. Children can only swim in private group bookings or in our Baby Hour sessions (£11.50 for parent/carer & child under 3) which are available everyday during the week. All of our open, group and baby hour sessions are for 1 hour and include your changing time so you will need to be ready to vacate the pool area when the hour is finished.


The pool measures 24ft by 18ft (7.32m by 5.50m) and slopes from 4ft 6 (137cm) to 5ft 6 (1.67m). The water temperature is a constant 95°F 35°C which is much warmer than most other pools. The pool area is fully air-conditioned and maintained at a comfortable 80°F. Access to the pool is by easy graduated steps with a handrail and there are handrails on 3  sides of the pool.  Supervisors are trained in life-saving and are always on duty to give assistance if required. Please note we don't have a hoist and supervisors are not able to manually lift customers. We do have a Hydro therapist to help you with rehabilitation, For more information about our Hydro therapist and how to book a Hydrotherapy session please follow the link bellow

We have individual unisex changing cubicles, some of which are accessible by wheelchairs and are very close to the pool. We also have some very large cubicles that can accommodate our baby changing tables. There is a shower, a sink available for rinsing costumes and hairdryer which is free to use. We don't have lockers but you are welcome to ask the receptionist to lock away any valuable items. Swimming bags and towels can be left in cubicles. You are welcome to visit to view the facilities before you swim any time during opening hours.


We’ve replaced our old water treatment system with an Ecosanitiser and the results have been outstanding. The pool has a very weak solution of special grade salt (about 1/10th the concentration of tears) which the unit ionises .This works very effectively to get rid of any bugs but leaves the water feeling silky smooth and there are no nasty chemicals that can cause irritation. It’s much more skin and eye friendly plus there’s no chlorine haze just above the surface to aggravate asthma which is so common in other pools.


Customers with pain and stiffness find the hot water eases their aches and pains and helps them increase their mobility and flexibility. This can form a crucial (and enjoyable) part of a program for managing chronic pain, the speciality of the Clinical Director Karen Simporis, Acupuncturist. The pool is suitable for those suffering from conditions such as Arthritis, Back pain, Sciatica, Osteoporosis, Accidental injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's and for Post-operative rehabilitation especially after hip or knee replacements. Water therapy provides warmth and weightlessness and an opportunity to exercise safely.

So, come and relax at Henry House and let the pain and stress float away. For further details please call (01903) 232875 or pop in to view the pool and facilities anytime during our opening hours.


Please use the link to the left to access our full terms and conditions.

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