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What is Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy is a water based treatment provided by the physiotherapists and exercise rehabilitators. Buoyancy aids and floatation devices are regularly used.


Hydrotherapy is a very pleasant treatment as the warm water relaxes tight muscle groups and eases stiff joints. Treatment programmes vary dependent on your condition but generally utilise the properties of water such as increased buoyancy, resistance and turbulence to help you achieve your goals.


Hydrotherapy treatment usually consists of gentle stretching, floatation and relaxation exercises, strengthening exercises against the resistance of the water and movement exercises within the water.


Conditions Treated


Hydrotherapy is a very versatile treatment that is used to treat a huge variety of patients with a range of abilities and rehabilitation goals. Common conditions treated include:


Neurological conditions


Low back, thoracic or neck pain 

Musculoskeletal injury

Post sergery


The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Mobility can be improved with hydrotherapy because people are able to perform activities in the pool that they are unable to perform on dry land. With the appropriate progression of exercises these activities, such as walking or running, will be able to be performed outside the pool. The support of the water and the reduced fear of falling can aid mobility practice. Exercises against the resistance of water and dynamic exercises within the water can also improve muscle strength, balance and co-ordination.


Hydrotherapy can be used to speed up the recovery of patients that are unable to weight-bear or can only partially weight-bear following surgery or injury, by increasing range of movement and maintaining muscle strength.


In addition to the above, hydrotherapy can:

• increase mobility

• reduce pain and muscle spasm

• improve and maintain joint range of movement

• strengthen weak muscle groups

• increase physical fitness and functional tolerances

• re-educate normal movement patterns

• improve balance

• improve co-ordination

• improve posture

• improve self confidence

• stimulate circulation


Please contact reception on 01903 232875 if you would like us to put you in touch with a hydrotherapist.

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